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Debt management, consumer proposals, and personal bankruptcy can be incredibly stressful situations to deal with. Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone. If you’re experiencing any of these challenges, we can help:

  • Tax Debt

    We effectively negotiate the ins and outs of Canada Revenue Agency laws and regulations to get you relief from CRA’s collections, garnishments and tax liens.

  • Frozen Bank Accounts

    Stop wage garnishments and unfreeze bank accounts with our licensed bankruptcy and consumer proposal services.

  • Collection Calls/Lawsuits

    Get immediate relief from harassing creditor phone calls and lawsuits with our licensed bankruptcy and consumer proposal services.

  • Negotiate with Creditors

    We will work with you and your creditors to craft a consumer proposal they can accept and you can afford.

  • Students Loans

    Your working life should not begin shackled by unmanageable student loan debt. Our solutions allow you a fresh start.

  • Credit Card Debt

    Beware the credit card trap – high interest rates and minimum payments that barely touch the principal.

  • Mortgage Debt

    A home can be the biggest investment you will ever make, but it may become an onerous debt burden. Get immediate relief from overwhelming mortgage stress with our licensed bankruptcy and consumer proposal services.

  • Payday Loans

    Extremely high interest rates often make it impossible to pay these loans. Our money management counselling services will teach you how to avoid bad debt and how to make wise spending decisions.

  • Bank Loans

    Banks are quick to lend money, and equally quick to put delinquent loans into collections. Get immediate relief from harassing bank phone calls and lawsuits with our licensed bankruptcy and consumer proposal services.

  • Personal Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposal Specialists in Ottawa
  • Expert Help to
    Resolve Your Debt Crisis

    Our expert team is made up of Chartered Professional Accountants, Licensed Insolvency Trustees, and proposal administrators. We’re a dedicated team committed to resolving your debt and debt-related crises. Our services are informed by years of experience and depth of knowledge in accounting, taxation, finance and insolvency, all tempered with compassion and care. Simply put, we want to help you! Whether you’re looking to put a stop to harassing phone calls, wage garnishments, or collection lawsuits, we’re ready to help you find a solution that gets you back on your feet and puts you at ease. It all starts with a consultation!

  • Find A Location Near You

    We’ve got a number of locations in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario to make it easier to better serve you. Find an office near you and get a solution to your debt crisis today!

  • Line of Credit and Loan Payments

    This calculator helps determine your loan or line payment. For a loan payment, select fixed term loan. For a line payment, you can chose the amount of the outstanding balance to pay each month or an interest only payment.

  • calculator-image

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