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debt consolidation

A person in a knitted sweater hold a Christmas present in front of their Christmas tree.
December 4, 2018

A Debt-Free Christmas

The Best Gift Under Your Tree When the only thing you can think about as the holidays approach is, “How am I going to pay for it all?” it might be time to start thinking about lowering your personal debt. Debt is one of the major contributors to stress and anxiety. You might even be […]Read More

A set of paper forms used for declaring bankruptcy.
November 4, 2018

Exploring Options Beyond Bankruptcy

Understanding the Debt Relief Alternatives to Declaring Personal Bankruptcy Declaring bankruptcy is a potential solution to your debt woes, but it does carry its own responsibilities and downsides. Many people prefer to explore alternatives first, looking to avoid bankruptcy, either due to the stigma around the process, or because they want to find another option. […]Read More

A well-dressed young woman in sunglasses rides an escalator in an upscale mall, fresh credit card purchases in hand.
July 4, 2018

Credit Card Debt Consolidation 101

Get Credit Cards Under Control With Smart Debt and Repayment Tips We’ve all been there, staring at a growing pile of credit card bills. We scan the documents, take in the shock of what we are paying in interest every month, promise ourselves that we will make changes, and then hash out a new plan […]Read More